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Welcome to SEO Group Buy Tools

SEO Group Buy provides the ultimate collection of over 40 SEO, content, keyword research, and market research tools for a super affordable price of only 25.99 USD. You can save thousands of dollars every month using our SEO group buy tools. We provide access to a wide variety of extremely popular tools such as WordAI, Domcop, Buzzsumo, Keyword Revealer,, Moz, SpyFu, iSpionage, JungleScout, Terapeak, Long Tail Pro, Grammarly, Article Builder, Spin Rewriter, Storybase, Freshdrop, Piktochart, Serpstat, Graphicstock, and Videoblocks. Our group buy is backed up an awesome support team who are known for their hyperactive support throughout the year.

Top reasons why we are regarded as the best group buy online:
  • An Extremely Helpful And Hyper-Active Support Team. Skype, Email, and Helpdesk Support Available.
  • Extremely Stable Tools And Accounts Compared To Any Other Group Buy.
  • Highest Number Of Tools Anywhere Online.
  • Super Affordable Price of only 25.99 USD Per Month For Tools Worth Thousands Of Dollars.
  • New Tools Added Periodically Without Any Extra Costs To Existing Customers.
  • All Operating Systems Supported (Non-Windows OS Supported Only Through RDP).
  • We Accept Limited And Verified Customers. All Sales Manually Approved For Group Buy Safety.
  • Access is provided through a safe and secure Firefox Portable browser for maximum safety.
  • We avoid heavy users and abusers in our group buy To Prevent Possible Account Bans.

Currently Available Group Buy Tools

  • WordAI
  • Domcop
  • Moz
  • BuzzSumo
  • SpyFu
  • JungleScout
  • Article Builder
  • GraphicStock
  • StoryBase
  • Piktochart
  • VideoBlocks
  • MerchantWords
  • WooRank
  • KeywordKeg
  • Stencil
  • cognitiveSEO
  • Authority Labs
  • FreshDrop
  • Spin Rewriter
  • Keyword Revealer
  • Long Tail Pro
  • EpicBeat Plus
  • iSpionage
  • Terapeak
  • Grammarly
  • Stock Unlimited
  • SerpStat
  • LucidChart
  • AudioBlocks
  • CBEngine
  • Indexification
  • Keyword Eye
  • PicMonkey
  • Raven

Our SEO Group Buy Features

Super Affordable Price

Our prices are the most affordable anywhere online for the number of tools provided. We have over 40 tools available as of now with new tools added periodically.

Hyper Active Support Team

We are backed by a hyperactive support team which provides 24x7 support all throughout the year. All tickets and support requests are replied back in 6-12 hours max.

Safe And Secure

Each customer is provided with a safe and secure customized Firefox Portable Browser with access of the purchased tools. Non-Windows OS customers are provided with Remote Desktop access.

Description of some of the currently available SEO tools:

  • WordAI: WordAI is regarded as the best content spinner. Their spinning algorithm is based on advanced artificial intelligence to produce extremely readable and unique content that makes sense. Please note that WordAI Turing might not last throughout the month. WordAI Regular should last fine.
  • DomCop: DomCop contains the largest collection of expired, expiring and archived domains with detailed metrics such as TF, CF, DA, DR etc.
  • BuzzSumo: You can discover popular content and key influencers in social sites with the help of BuzzSumo.
  • Keyword Revealer: Keyword Revealer can also be used to find related keywords and to check the difficulty score of the keywords.Please note that we allow 25 keyword checks and 25 difficulty checks per customer per day in Keyword Revealer too.
  • Pro Plus: is a powerful keyword tool with which you can find long tail keywords with monthly volumes from multiple sources such as Google, Amazon, Youtube, Local Search, and App Store. It also uses Google autocomplete to find keywords hidden in Keyword Planner.
  • SpyFu: Spyfu is a PPC research and SEO research tool that can be used to spy on your competitor’s AdWords keywords, organic keywords, and ranking.
  • iSpionage: iSpionage is another PPC and SEO research tool for discovering AdWords and PPC keywords, ads in Google and organic keywords.
  • JungleScout: JungleScout is an incredibly powerful Amazon research tool with which you can find the top selling products and niches to sell (or promote as an affiliate) on Amazon. JungleScout supports multiple Amazon marketplaces too such as US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and India.
  • Terapeak: Terapeak is an eBay marketplace research tool for discovering hot trends and products to sell on eBay.
  • StoryBase: StoryBase can be used to find content ideas to write articles and content. The unique feature of StoryBase is that it also shows the percentage of male vs. female audience for any searched keyword. This can be very useful for writing marketing content.
  • Piktochart: Piktochart Pro can be used to create interesting infographics and presentations easily and without much design knowledge.
  • GraphicStock, StockUnlimited, Stencil: These three websites contains massive collections of royalty free stock images and graphics for using on your website (and social media updates in the case of stencil). There are over a million royalty free images in all three of them combined.
  • VideoBlocks and Audioblocks: These two stock websites contain hundreds of thousands of royalty free video clips and audio clips respectively.
  • Moz Pro: Moz Pro contains a hugely popular suite of SEO tools including backlink checker, keyword research, etc.
  • Grammarly: It is undoubtedly the best tool for one click proofreading, grammar checking and plagiarism checking of any content.
  • Article Builder: Article Builder is a content creation tool where you can create readable articles within a few seconds.
  • Spin Rewriter: Spin Rewriter is a content spinner which can be used for creating unique spun content of decent quality.
  • FreshDrop: Freshdrop is a domain name search tool for finding expired or dropped domains.
  • WooRank: WooRank can be used for performing a complete audit of your website in a few seconds with detailed instructions and tips for improvement.
  • Long Tail Pro: LTP is a keyword tool based on metrics such as TF and CF, unlike the other keyword tools which are based on Moz metrics.
  • EpicBeat Plus: EpicBeat can be used to find social media influencers, trends, and content to help you in your social media and content marketing.
  • Indexification: Indexification is a backlink indexing tool which invites the search engines to crawl your submitted links (indexing cannot be guaranteed).
  • SerpStat: SerpStat is an all-in-one SEO tool for SERP analysis, site audit, backlink analysis and position tracking.
  • KeywordKeg, Keyword Eye: These are two more keyword tools which generate keyword ideas with search volumes.
  • Lucidchart Pro: Lucidchart is an online tool for creating diagrams and flowcharts. It supports import and export of Microsoft Visio files too.
  • Picmonkey, Stencil: Picmonkey and Stencil are two online image manipulation tools for adding various effects as well as adding texts/quotes to images.
  • MerchantWords (US data only): MerchatWords is an Amazon research tool for finding the search volume of Amazon keywords, products, and niches.
  • CBEngine: It is a Clickbank marketplace research tool for finding and filtering CB products on various criteria such as top gravity, trending, rating, etc.


Tons of Alternatives

The best part about our group buy is that due to the huge number of tools, there are alternative tools for most niches in our group buy as listed below:
Keyword Tools:, Keyword Revealer, StoryBase, Long Tail Pro, KeywordKeg, KeywordEye, Moz.
Backlink Research: Moz, SerpStat.
Keyword Tools With Difficulty Score: Keyword Revealer, Long Tail Pro.
Content and Influencer Research: BuzzSumo, EpicBeat Plus, Spyfy.
Keywords, PPC And Competitor Ranking/Ads Spying: SpyFu, iSpionage, SerpStat.
Expired, Expiring and Dropped Domains: DomCop, FreshDrop.
Infographics: PiktoChart, Visme.
Content Spinner: WordAI, Spin Rewriter.
Stock and Royalty Free Images: GraphicStock, StockUnlimited, Stencil.
Market Research: JungleScout, MerchantWords (Amazon), TeraPeak (eBay), CBEngine (ClickBank).
Image Manipulation Tools: PicMonkey, LucidChart (Flowcharts), Stencil (Quotes).
Site Audit: WooRank, Moz (Crawl Test), Grammarly (Content/Grammar Check)


Group buy of SEO Tools is the sharing of premium accounts of SEO tools to reduce expenditure and to have options for a wide variety of tools at an affordable price. It helps light and medium users of tools to have access to various tools which they would have been otherwise unable to afford.
Our Firefox Portable browser works only on Windows Operating System. For non-Windows users, we provide Remote Desktop access to our Windows server using Remote Desktop App. You can search and download Microsoft Remote Desktop for free from the official app store of your operating system. We will create RDP account and provide connection/login details to connect to our Windows server.
Yes, there are some features restricted in some of the tools. We keep our own restrictions in some of them for the safety of the group buy. We also do not allow abuse or heavy usage of our tools as that gets our accounts banned in most cases. So, we recommend only light to medium usage users to purchase our tools.
We have multiple channels of support including email, help desk, and Skype. Skype is usually the fastest form of support (our Skype support usually replies back within seconds or minutes of contact when we are online). Irrespective of the mode of support, we reply back within 12-24 hours max. The support details are provided in the delivery email itself.
No, we are strictly against sharing of any of our tools or portables. We monitor all customers and portables closely and ban anyone found sharing our tools.
We do not provide login details of any tool for the safety of the group buy. We provide access to the tools in Windows OS compatible Firefox portable browsers only. For non-Windows OS customers, we provide login details to connect to our Remote Windows server using Microsoft Remote Desktop App. The Remote Windows server has the Portables and Tools installed on the desktop.
We try our best to maintain all tools at all times. In fact, we add new tools periodically too. However, we guarantee 30 tools to work at a time of the 38+ tools. In most cases, all our tools work fine. And if there are issues, we have rapid troubleshooting videos and guides for most tools and portables. It hardly takes a few seconds to fix any issue with any tool in most cases. And we are always there for support in the case there are problems. Please feel free to contact us if the provided troubleshooting steps do not fix a tool. Please note that there might be times when we might be forced to remove/replace a tool if it becomes impossible to continue that tool due to repeated bans or other issues.
We create and deliver the Firefox Portables within 2-4 hours max in the case we are online. However, it might take up to 12-24 hours in the case we are offline.
This is a group buy which itself means shared access of the tools and accounts. So, these are all shared accounts. If you need dedicated usage or heavy usage, you need to purchase directly from the respective tool.
No, many of the tools would have their login details or complete accounts changed every once in a while. We keep on shifting customers between different accounts to maintain balance. Moreover, we keep on removing and adding accounts all the time due to bans and other issues. Being a group buy account, it would not fit your needs if you need the accounts to remain constant forever. Other customers can also access the accounts and so, they might delete your projects to add their own projects at times. So, these tools would not fit your need if you need long term work such as projects, tracking, etc.
Yes, we have detailed videos and tutorials on how to use or open our portables. In addition to it, we provide complete instructions in the delivery email as well as the client area. These include both regular usage instruction as well as future troubleshooting instructions on how to fix the portables or accounts if there are any issues. Moreover, you can always contact us if there are any issues whatsoever with any of our tools.
All the payments are monthly subscriptions and would be deducted from your Paypal account/card unless it is canceled. But there is no obligation, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. However, we do not allow repeated breaks as that might open the possibility of abuse. We prefer long term customers but you can decide yourself based on your need as to how long you would like to stay. You can either cancel the subscription yourself or request us to cancel it within a billing cycle in order to avoid being billed in the next billing date/month.


Extremely satisfied

Hello, I’m here to say I’ve tested some tools and everything works well. I’ve been in other seo tool groups and none worked. So, Thank you for your effort. Very helpful.

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Lots of Tools and Options

Just wanted you to know how much I love you.  I use so many of the programs, I use something almost every day.

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Round the week support

Thanks a lot. Thank you also for providing such a great support, even on Sundays.

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Professional service & support

Wow, that is awesome! I like your way of doing business. And I will just say I am impressed with your GB so far!

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Knowledgeable support

Thanks for the tip. Thanks again for all the help and your time! You know these things for good!

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Most stable group buy

I was very surprised at how stable your group buy is

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